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On January 29, 2018 I was caught up into the spirit. While kneeling before the Lord on my hands and knees, I opened my eyes and found I was in another place. In the distance, I saw what looked like a king’s crown.

It was huge and radiated with fine stones. The center piece of this crown was shaped like a cross. As I began to move towards this crown, it also began to come closer to me until suddenly, before my eyes stood the Lord Jesus himself inside of this cross shaped insert of the crown. He was standing on a platform that looked like the face of a clock, and it turned in a clockwise direction. He was wearing a white robe that almost seemed to be a living garment. Both of His hands were outstretched on each side, and the glory of God shown out from Him like golden beams of light. He continued to turn on this pedestal with His back facing me, and I thought in my spirit, “when He turns around I’m about to see the face of the Lord JESUS.”
Completing the turn, His eyes locked with mine, and I knew there was nothing about me, great or small that was hidden from Him. Frozen in time with the Glory of God shining out from Him and into my being, He simply smiled at me, as if to say “Peace” and instantly I knew I was brought here for a reason.
While continuing to turn in a circular motion, something amazing happened. Out of His right sleeve were released thousands of Doves. These doves fluttered out with a sound of enthusiasm and were being spread 360 degrees, as JESUS flung them into flight. I watched these doves descend to the earth in what I perceived to be the land mass of the United States of America. As each of these beautiful white doves exited His sleeve, the Lord breathed upon them, and they immediately became flying embers or doves of fire, rushing towards the earth. 
The platform on which He was standing suddenly stopped turning, and there was silence. The Lord closed His eyes and covered His face with His hands as though He was praying. Then He lifted up His head and stretched out His arms once again. In a few moments, I noticed hundreds of these white doves returning to Him. They were landing on His arms and quickly returning back inside of the sleeve of His robe. 
Initially, there were thousands upon thousands of these doves that were released, now there seemed to be about half of them that had returned but without any fire. I also began to notice the feet and the breasts of these returning doves were smutted and black.
In my mind, I was thinking “What are these doves of fire?” JESUS looked at me and answered my question without any words being spoken. It was as if my thoughts were words. He looked at me with eyes that pieced into my soul. He spoke with words that did not come from His mouth, but issued out from Him, and spoke down deep inside of my spirit:
“These doves represent the last day outpouring of My glory upon My church which I am sending to refresh and empower My people to equip them for the harvest.”
Again, I thought to myself, “Why did some of them come back without fire?” Again, JESUS answered my thoughts without a word being spoken. 
He said, “These that have returned, have done so because they found no rest for the sole of their foot in my sanctuary throughout many of the Churches in America.”
Again, I thought “Why are they dirty on their feet and breasts?” and JESUS replied to my thoughts, “They are dirtied from the smut of the untrimmed and soon to be extinguished candlesticks inside of many of the churches.”
The Spirit of Prophecy spoke inside of me and said: “For as many as have remained pure and walk in the light of My Word, they will receive the fresh fire of My presence, but for those who refuse to wait upon Me and do not make room for the dove of My presence, they will lose the fire of God and I will take away their candlestick!”
I saw a hand go into many churches across America and gather up their candlesticks. The voice of God spoke to me and said, “See what they will do.” I saw the leaders of these churches installing their own candlesticks. The new lamps had six branches, not seven. The new lampstands did not use oil. I followed what looked like an extension cord from the new lampstand out of the sanctuary through the outer court and past the open gates of the tabernacle. This black cord ran into a large box of breakers and receptacles. Written on the face of this large power unit was the following inscriptions: 
I came out of this vision and wept uncontrollably while lying on the floor of my office. The Lord spoke the following words to me and told me when prompted to tell of this experience everywhere He sent me.
I will visit the church in North America, but My people must return to waiting upon Me. I will strengthen and empower them by sending the spirit of rest and refreshing upon them like a dove. 
Express to my people – they must learn how to wait patiently upon Me in prayer and in meditation.
I am not fond of them because of their many words or because of much speaking, but I will come to those who will be still and seek My face. If they will wait upon Me in prayer and in worship, My fire will come. 
But for those who refuse to trim their lamps or repent of the defiling of their vessels, I will take away My weighty presence. I am coming to those who have made room for Me. Make room for Me and you will see My glory in ways you have never imagined.
There are many other warnings given to me during this encounter with the Lord. I have only as of late, began to release them. The Lord is real. He is full of Love and Compassion. Be he is also a “RIGHTEOUS JUDGE FULL OF JUSTICE” Let us therefore inventory our soul and ourselves. Surely the coming of the Lord is at the doors. And we are experiencing the beginning of the last Great Awakening!


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