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The Coming Persecution of the Church

While laying down to go to sleep on 6/12/20 I had a vision of the church.

It was a church and a pastor I knew very well.  When I saw this church I knew it represented many other churches in America.

In my vision I saw protesters with signs and bullhorns picketing and protesting against the church.  The protesters were on the sidewalk as well as standing in the middle of the street.  On the signs they were holding were several phrases written.

1. Close this church
2. LGBTQ is Aamerica's religion.  Churches must go.
3. These cults must close.
4. Marry us or be burried.
5. Stop preaching against our gay rights.
6. Churches are irrelevant.  Stop believing these thieves.
7. Stop discriminating against Gay rights.
8. Satan is god.  Stop preaching against women's rights.
9. Your God is gay.  So go away.
10. God is a woman.

And many more.

I saw people driving into the church parking lot only to be stormed by these mobs.  The Lord spoke to me after this vision saying, "tell my churches to prepare for spiritual and physical persecution."  Tell my people they must hide my word in their hearts and in the hearts of their children.  For soon the Bible they hold will be outlawed, hated, and revoked.

Again I was taken into the spirit and saw churches meeting in their homes for the fear of being beaten or killed for attending church services in their buildings.

Then He said, "when they begin to afflict and target my people for their faith, I will begin to show up in their home meetings and underground services to perform my wonders and collect a harvest through them.  Do not fear for many of you will be jailed and injured for my names sake.  But my Presence is with you.  Be not afraid but be ready for your Bridegroom's  coming is at the door."


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