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Facebook and Youtube ban more churches and evangelicals as hate speech. (10/5/21)

Something is about to happen, and they're going to say phones are dangerous to our health. and something to do with it being hazardous to the environment, so we are going to need to implant the systems in your body. (7/29/21)

The unvaccinated are to blame for wide spread contamination of the virus. (7/29/21)

Due to Global Warming operations on farmland in America must be halted and destroyed. (7/29/21)

Experts Link Deaths to Vaccinations (1/2/21)

TRUMP IGNORING ELECTORAL PROCESS: Attempting to steal Election from American People (12/14/20)

Election Contested WHO is actually THE PRESIDENT (08/06/2020)

Health Scare for Biden: Suffers Second Stroke (08/06/2020)

Lockdowns & Quarantines Continue: As New Mystery Virus is Discovered (08/06/2020)

New Virus Strain, More Deadly than COVID-19 (08/06/2020)

Home Invasions Rise in High Income Neighborhoods, Looters Grow Desperate (08/06/2020)

More Banks Merge with World Banking System amid Global Economic Crisis (08/06/2020)

New York and Chicago Rocked by Terror Attacks (08/06/2020)

NASA Prepares for Close Call from Approaching Asteroid (08/06/2020)

Curfews Continue as Martial Law Extended (08/06/2020)

More High-profile Arrests made in Trafficking Ring (08/06/2020)

More Health Issues for Nancy Pelosi (08/06/2020)

Church Goers go Underground as Church Shootings Increase (08/06/2020)

More After-shocks in California Halt Recovery Efforts of Mega Quake (08/06/2020)

China and United States on Brink of Starting WW3 (08/06/2020)

Terror Attacks on American Grid Linked to China (08/06/2020)

Crop Contamination Increases Food Shortage in America (08/06/2020)

Volcanic Ashe Continues to Rise: Cities Darkened (08/06/2020)

Farwell to the Democratic Party: DNC Dismantled Splits into New Faction (08/06/2020)

A.I. Patrolling robots to replace humans as policeman: can you say Robo-Cop? (9/16/2020)


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