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Pentecost 2020

April 2020
The LORD spoke to me concerning Pentecost 2020. It will be a time of Celebration in my church. It will begin the greatest harvest of prodigals; North America has ever seen. It will immediately carry over into June 2020 with a loud trumpet blast echoing from my churches. Even as June is the middle of the year, it will become a cross over point for the church and for revival. The effects from this harvest will reach far into the winter of 2020. Despite horrible attacks from storms and strange weather systems in the land this harvest will continue. Sickness and diseases will come but a mighty spirit of healing will snuff it out at your doorpost. 2020 will be a year of great separation, dividing the Hot from the Cold. But they that seek me will find me and I will be a Shepherd to my lost sheep in this Nation.


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