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Joseph Prophecy of Preparation

You are my people, You are as Joseph and as he prepared you must prepare.  This is a space of grace that I have given you.  I have given you a time I have given you a moment.  Prepare yourself for what is coming.  Make yourself ready.  Make yourself strong.  Make yourself ready in prayer.  Seek Me.  Put My word in you and your little ones, for dark days are coming, but I am making you my spectacle.  

I will use you, but you must prepare now.  Prepare now while you have plenty, for there is coming a day of famine.  Famine from My word and famine in my presence.  But ye shall be as those in Goshen.  And I will be with you and you will be with me.  For I am coming soon and ye must prepare yourself, said the Lord.


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