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April 12, 2020
Tell my people.... Don’t be afraid for I Am with them. I have remained with them even when they could not perceive me. I have heard your thoughts and I know your conversations. You have complained saying “How is it we are so helpless and powerless against this pestilence and possess so little faith”

Yea, I Am greater than your Faith. Even I Am he that gave you Faith. I have not left you to battle alone. But My promise to visit my church are still intact.

Even as I have visited many of you in the past, I will come unto you again. I have appeared unto many in Visions, and in Dreams. I have come unto you in the Night watches and I will come unto you again.

Have you forgotten me? For I have not forgotten you my people. And I Am coming unto again. My weighty presence is returning to your services.

Look for me!

Search for me!

Desire me!

And I will come unto you and return my Greater Glory. Even when you could not enter the sacred house, I came unto your house. Prepare yourselves and prepare your houses. Make room for my salvation is coming unto you.

I Am the Shepherd and I will unto you, for you are my sheep. I Am coming. Make yourselves Ready if you want to see me. No walls, no laws, no barriers can stop me. Only you can quench my Spirit.
I have visited the Leaders of this Nation, of your Cities, and your states.

I Am visiting the heroes of this generation. Many athletes, icons and entertainers, have I visited as they humbled themselves before me. They have trusted in their wealth and found it cannot deliver. For only I the LORD can save. 

You will see when I lift this gross darkness in the coming months, that many of them have sought me and found me! 

You will soon see that I have given them a new heart. And many Saul’s have been converted and become as Paul. I have done a work behind the scenes. A work no man can take credit for. 

Through this plague I have stirred the heart of the prodigals.

And as I begin to lift this veil of darkness in the coming months. You will see the fear of the Lord return to the earth. And others hearts shall wax hard against my law and my people. Wisdom is coming to make many wise to the times.

Seek me, search for me, and I will come unto you my people. 

Tell my people to be ready

For I Am coming TO THEM before I come again FOR THEM.

Yes, I Am coming TO MY PEOPLE before I come again FOR THEM!

Surely, Surely, I Am coming TO MY PEOPLE before I return FOR THEM!
Robin Johnson Ministries


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