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An American Casket

I saw a casket with half of an American flag draped over it and the other half had Chine, Russia, Muslim, and other flags sown onto it.
The flag ripped in half, and I saw America mourning and weeping in the streets.
I didn't see who was inside.  But we need to pray for all of our leaders.


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Dear God in the name of Jesus have mercy on our nations, lands and our political leaders. We cannot stop completely what is about to happen bc it’s prophecy forte told and forever settled in heaven…it’s inevitable and will come to pass. But we as Your church can pray against and bind principalities and powers in high places. Just like the the dust winds from China, I pray to push back the darkness and slow it down. God, there are more people that need to come to this glorious gospel first. Namely all 5 of our prodigals. God You have given me/us that power when we received the Holy Ghost so let’s use it. In Jesus Name, Amen!

Me gusta

12 ago 2022

Amen Brother Robin.

Me gusta
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